Adoption of a shelter animal is a simple yet extremely powerful way in which you can personally make a difference in the huge numbers of animals being euthanized in our country! Nearly 3 million cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters in the United States each and every year.  The incredibly High number of animals being killed in shelters and slaughter houses could be substantially reduced if more people got involved either through their time or donated to those whose cause it is to save our animals.  When you choose to help our animal population specifically our shelter animals, rather than buy one, you are in effect saving a helpless life and bringing a loyal loving friend into your family. But the benefit goes even further with your act of love and kindness. Because you see, when you adopt an animal you also effectively open up one new shelter space for another animal to take its place, one who might urgently need that spot.

There are even more benefits to adoption as opposed to purchasing a new pet. Believe it or not, there are financial benefits to adoption as well! Often when an individual adopts an animal, the cost for spaying and neutering, the cost of the first vaccinations for your new pet, and sometimes, even the cost of high-tech micro-chipping will be included in the cost to adopt. This is a vast benefit and savings that will save you many of the up front fees of adding a new little furry pal to your family. (Depending on which animal you ultimately choose, you may also save on the cost of training and even on the task of housebreaking, and the expenses which are associated with those necessary undertakings too).

Animal shelters and rescue groups are just filled to the rafters with healthy, beautiful, loving animals ready to be adopted as pets. They are just waiting for someone like YOU to make them a part of their “forever home”. Most shelter cats and dogs wound up there because of a problem in the home of their original owners, like a move for a new job or a change in the family dynamic, generally it is not because there was any sort of problem with the pet, it had not done anything wrong. Many are already well house-trained and used to living in a home with a family.

These poor animals desperately long for that lost affection and love that they had enjoyed before. Can you imagine going from living in your home, with your family members, to living life in a small cage, with the thundering sound of hundreds of other desperate animals all around you… 24 hours a day? When put in these stark, sad but accurate terms, it is an extremely pitiful life these shelter animals lead up until they are placed on “Death Row” and euthanized. But you can make a difference, and you can make the killing stop for at least ONE precious life!

Won’t you please just save ONE LIFE and make a world of difference to one precious pet in desperate need of YOUR love?

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