Stop Giving Pit Bulls A Bad Rap

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Stop Giving Pit Bulls A Bad Rap!!

 This is Lilly OUR HERO

One late evening in May 2012, a freight train conductor riding in Shirley, Massachusetts saw the silhouette of a person and a dog on the tracks ahead. He radioed for the train to stop, but could tell there wasn’t going to be enough time. Christine Spain had tripped on the tracks while walking her dog, Lilly, and fell unconscious. The conductor saw that the silhouette was moving — Lilly was attempting to pull her immobilized owner off the tracks. As the train passed over the pair, the conductor claims to have felt a thump. When he was able to safely exit the train, he found Spain unscathed; Lilly had covered her owner and took the hit for her. 

While waiting for emergency services, Lilly continued to watch over Spain, though the dog herself was suffering from extreme injuries, including to her front right leg, which had to be amputated in surgery.

 This is Phoebe OUR HERO

A pit bull with a sharp nose was this little cat’s best friend. Around Christmas of 2010, when Phoebe was on her regular morning walk in Troy, New York, she responded to mews she heard from a cardboard ditched among a pile of trash. The box was sealed with tape — there was only a small hole, through which Phoebe stuck her nose, Times Union reports. The pair found a cat trapped inside. 

Once alerted to the box, Phoebe’s owner Melissa called the police. Troy animal control took the small gray cat to the veterinary hospital, where is was treated and officially named “Jack in the Box.” 

This is Stitch OUR HERO

Stitch’s cleft lip and palate has given strength to two children with the same birth defect, reports and KRNV. When the pit was six months old, his foster parent and licensed vet technician Chrissy Boyles put out word to raise money for surgeries to correct the dog’s deformities. Ashlee Rodman, mother to Sam and Lily who were both born with cleft lip and palate, saw the fundraiser and knew the pooch would help her kids through their own surgeries. 

Rodman says the special pit has helped her kids feel special, too. When four-year-old Sam was nervous about his surgeries, he’d look at Stitch’s Facebook page to remember that if Stitch could go through hard stuff, so could he. “I just wanted to show my kids that they are not alone,” Rodman said to KRNV. “It’s not only other humans that have this, cleft lip and palate, but animals have it also.”

These are only the very few examples of our PitBull heroes.  Many thanks to the reporting of Huffington Post and their love of animals that has been on the forefront of bringing animals and their goodness to the public.  Marks Animal Rescue gives great credit to this organization and its love for animals and this article.  For more of our pitbull heroes you can see the rest of this article by clicking on the link below:

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January 2018 Animal Events

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This is Mark’s Animal News Network, and I am your host, Mark McMorris Jr.
I would like to welcome you back once again friends and followers thank you for joining us for another Animal News Network January 2018 animal events nationwide. By no means is this all the events that are occuring for Jan 2018. If you would like us to list your events here on Marks animal news network please email us at

Miami Florida

16th Annual South Beach Dachshund Winterfest
This dog friendly event will be held from 11am to 2pm on January 20, 2018 at South Beach Dachshund Winterfest in Miami Beach, FL,—- Admission is free.—- Bring Fido out to this festive day out for dachshunds (all breeds welcome). There are dog-oriented activities and a dachshund funhouse.—-. • Except for treats and bowls of dog water, no food or drink is for sale so you may bring picnic items),—- there are many dog-friendly outdoor cafes on Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road. We at marks animal news network hopes to see you there.——-
Please copy link address for directions for this great event.

Phoenix Arizona
3rd Annual Doggie Street Festival This dog friendly event will be held from 10am to 3pm on January 20, 2018 at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix, AZ, Admission is FREE—–.Bring Fido to this 3rd annual event to celebrate and pamper your pet as you sample the latest in pet foods, services, fashion, accessories, health supplements, training, travel, lodging, and veterinary care

Lake Wales Florida
Dog Day of Winter
Leashed and friendly dogs are invited to visit the Gardens and enjoy fun contests, vendors selling specialty items, and professionals providing health, safety, and adoption tips. • New this year is the opportunity to have family photos taken in front of the Tower, and a special “Blessing of the Pets” service. • 50% of the proceeds will benefit the The Humane Society of Polk County, Inc.——-
1151 Tower Blvd, Lake Wales, FL, US, 33853

Akron Ohio
Yappy Hour

Want to help support— Pay It Forward for Pets– ( Pay it Forward for Pets a nonprofit boarding facility that helps reduce the number of pets euthanized at county pound) Come on down to YAPPY HOUR! This is a private pet-lovers free event, where there will be all sorts of fun pet activities. You must RSVP at by visiting their website. • Event includes: pet pictures, gourmet treats for your pup, adult hot chocolate bar, local craft brewery and wine tasting, best dressed pet contest, live demonstrations, vendors and MORE!—–
1000 Interstate Pkwy, Akron, OH, US, 44312

Moraine Ohio
Splash Your Pups Air Dogs
Started in 2005 by former Detroit Tigers Pitcher Milt Wilcox, & his son Brian, Ultimate Air Dogs has soared to the top simply because of a down to earth attitude, grass-roots background, and ability to make every competitor feel welcome! The philosophy of UAD is all about “family”. This is not a discipline sport in that two handlers are allowed on the dock at a time to help Fido stay in a “sit”. • From the smallest jumper to the biggest Ultimate high flyer, all breeds (mix or purebred) any size (Yorkies to Great Danes) are encouraged… as long as they can swim!——-
4792 S. Dixie Dr., Ste. 3, Moraine, OH, US, 45424

Timonium Maryland
17th Annual World of Pets Expo & Educational Experience

17th Annual World of Pets Expo & Educational Experience! —- “The Event for the Pet Enthusiast.* Hundreds of Pet Products and Services * Interactive Pet Exhibits * Free Seminars by National Experts on Pet Care and Training * Johnny Peers Muttville Comix * Indoor DockDog Competition * AKC Dog Agility Trial * Petting Zoo * Pony Rides * ACFA Cat Show * In Depth Workshops * Reptiles & More * Fish & Small Animals * The Bird Whisperer * Interactive Contests * Heated Facility & Great Food * Free Parking———– This dog friendly event will be held from 2pm Friday/10am Saturday & Sunday to 8pm Friday/7pm Saturday/5pm Sunday on Jan 26, 2018 to Jan 28, 2018 at MD State Fairgrounds in Timonium, MD, US. Sponsored by Premier Events Inc. Admission is $10/Adults, $5/Children, under 5 free.

AllenTown Pennsylvania

Lehigh Valley Pet Expo—- Bring Fido to the Pet Expo featuring vendors, exhibits, educational programs and entertainment! Held all weekend: This dog friendly event will be held at Agri-Plex at the Allentown Fairgrounds in Allentown, PA,. – visit their website for updates.———
302 North 17th St, Allentown, PA, US, 18104

El Paso Texas
El Paso Spring Home Show & Pet Expo—— Shop the El Paso Spring Home Show and Pet Expo for innovative products, ideas, and services! In addition to that, you can tour and enjoy a great line-up of educational seminars, stroll through gorgeous landscape displays, register to win great prizes, and much more.One Civic Center Plaza, El Paso, TX, US, 79901
This dog friendly event will be held from 1pm Friday/10am Saturday/11am Sunday to 7pm Friday/7pm Saturday/4pm Sunday on Jan 26, 2018 to Jan 28, 2018 at El Paso Convention Center in El Paso, TX, US. Admission is $7.75/Adults; Youth 16 & Under FREE.

All information viewed can also be seen in our description box on our YouTube Channel


How To Become A Animal Rescuer

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How to  become a Animal Rescuer

Marks Animal Rescue Inc. a Florida  based 501 c 3 Non-profit Corporation based in Pompano Beach Florida along with its attached programs Marks Animal News Network and Marks Animal Rescue Network which makes available for all age groups an opportunity to become  a real animal rescuer regardless of your location.

We especially want to encourage our youth to become a part of this program.  We feel it will offer our youth many personal benefits as well as saving animals lives.

Having a mission in life shouldn’t be underestimated. Being the voice for millions of animals is a worthy cause, one that you can join today by volunteering to help save our shelter animals who so desperately need our help.

Our youth of today have the technical skills that make them perfect for work in helping rescue animals and at the same time brings stability in their own lives both in terms of physical and mental health.  It aligns our youth with others who together will make great strides in saving animals lives as well as their own.

Our rescue organizations main mission is to work with our county shelters in order to find homes for the animals who have been put there through owner surrender, found as a stray and/or abused.  

Experiences working with our county shelters has enabled us to provide a rescue program that everyone regardless of age with basic computer skills can do from the safety and  comfort of their own home.  Also for those who wish to do more outside the home with their rescue operation would be even better but again not necessary.

The actual rescue program itself as listed in our video ( My declaration of change ) gives you all the steps of doing your own individual rescue without any organization participation..  Marks Animal Rescue makes that available to anyone who wants to use this methodology.

So the question begs If I am able to do that rescue program on my own then  Why would I  volunteer with your organization when I could do the same program as an individual?

Fair question:  My answer as Michael Jordan ( a famous former basketball player ) once quoted: “ Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

I would like share with you another quote and this one is by Vince Lombardi ( A famous football coach now deceased) “Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

So yes one can do this rescue program on their own but it is the individual with their unique skills that make up a part of the whole that will win a championship and in this case will enable more animals to be saved from our shelters.

What does Marks Animal Rescue gain from helping others become animal rescuers?

Answer:  More animals will be saved.   The satisfaction  of helping and  working with people who love, respect and care for animals.  

Are you a registered program? 

Yes,  we are registered with the State of Florida as a 501 c 3 program and our charity no. is listed on the front of our website at bottom of page. We also have a 5 star rating.

Ok so If I wanted to consider your program what is it that would be of benefit to me as a member of Marks Animal Rescue Network?

Benefits of becoming a Volunteer Rescuer with Marks Animal Rescue Inc.


  • We give you the individual an opportunity to become a team member and help others
  • We give you the tools, the methodology for success
  • We offer you a state of the art website as a member of the team
  • We offer you a private forum as a member and under that forum you can be assured it is only for the saving of animals and is family friendly for all
  • We offer you a professional logo for your use in all your postings
  • We offer you a recognized 501 c 3 program to work under as a volunteer helping our animals in shelters
  • We offer opportunity to any age individual with  basic computer skills to also be a animal rescuer under our program even if you are under the age of 18 with their parents permission
  • We offer you a program that can be done anywhere in the nation
  • We offer you a program that has no cost to you

         We offer you a program that will provide guidance, support and a  commitment to be there for you.

  • We also offer for those who are interested after gaining one year of experience doing this program an opportunity to become your own 501 c3 program where we help you in every step from building your own unique website and logo, guidance and support.

We ask you to view our website, our news channel, and our network channel.  They can be seen  at,  YouTube Channels ( Marks Animal News Network, Marks Animal Rescue Network ) We also have a large presence on Facebook and Twitter with over 6000 members to date.      

After my review of your program I have made the decision  to become a part of the team by becoming a  volunteer animal rescuer with Marks Animal Rescue Inc.

What do I have to do?

Becoming a member is easy.  Email us at and ask for your Animal Rescue Volunteer Application. ( permission is granted to those who would like to copy our volunteer application and use for anyone else in your family and/or group)

We offer you several options.  Once you complete the application you may send it directly to us using our email address as listed above and below in our description box if viewing on your youtube channel or you may mail it to us.  Our Mailing address is:

Marks Animal Rescue Inc.  49 N. Federal Hwy #400 Pompano Beach 33062

With application completed and approved the program begins for you as a member of the team working with us and  YOUR local county animal shelter. Any questions please contact us by texting us at: 954-618-3134 or emailing us.  

This is marks animal news network  a product of marks animal rescue corporation and its affiliates.

Thank you for being a part of the program today and we hope to see you as our newest member in this unique animal rescue volunteer program nationwide.

I am Mark McMorris jr your host.  Thank you and God Bless.


January 10th Headlines and Highlights

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Marks Animal News Network presents headlines and highlights:

(See our YouTube below)

Bangkok Thailand

3 year old dog saves cats from 5 meter long python;

Los Altos California

A 5th grader at Bullis Charter School has a goal of raising $1000 for a no-kill shelter. If you would like to help her meet her goals go to: Go Fund Me Page at;

Palm Beach Florida Daily News Society

600 animal lovers, patriots, plain ol’ friends attend the 24th Red Gala Event where more than $ 1 million dollars was raised to assist the American Humane Association in its programs to help military veterans with PTSD and those that rescue, shelter and treat dogs, cats and other animals during natural disasters;


New Coalition aims to spare cats and dogs from unnecessary euthanization;

Definition of working as a team.


January 9th Headlines and Highlights

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Marks Animal News Network Presents Headlines and Highlights:

(See our YouTube Video below)

Statewide push to ban the sale of dogs and cats;

Cat goes missing x 15 years and then is found;

Free straw for animals living outside;

Men’s hockey team support humane society;

Arizona’s first cat cafe;

Sevier County tennessee animal shelter doubles in size ;

Texas SPCA removes animals from filthy puppy mill;

Project PAWWS provides free food and hay for its animals;

When is it too cold outside for your animal.