Here we will discuss answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive at “Marks Animal Rescue” from YOU our readers, visitors and persons in need of our help.


Why is there a need for ``Mark's Animal Rescue``?

Literally MILLIONS of our innocent furry friends experience emotional and physical pain everyday. We of “Mark’s Animal Rescue”see it on television, we witness it first hand and we find ourselves in astonishment how anyone can inflict such abuse.

There is also another kind of abuse inflicted on these beautiful animals. Yes it is EUTHANASIA. We as a society put perfectly healthy animals to death simply because there is no more room in a shelter. Do these innocent creatures have a voice, NO!

So, sometimes, we of “Mark’s Animal Rescue”stand up and speak for them.

Is there really an alternative to the current system in place?

Yes, we hear that all the time. “We have no choice, there are just too many animals”.

We must not continue this practice. We as a society must have more respect for life. When we stop our efforts and give in, then all is lost. We pray that our services can make a difference to these helpless souls.

Everyday a member of our organization makes a difference and Saves a Life. This is an affirmation that an alternative is possible to the current system in place.

What Do We Do?


We provide rescue and transport for any animal needing help In Broward County. We work with our county and no kill shelters. We provide immediate medical care and work alongside caring local veterinarians, groomers and boarders who give of their professional services to our mission generously. We are dedicated to removing all homeless animals from our shelters and into loving homes. We attempt to locate lost owners. We will help with the filling out of forms and paperwork. We often supply foster homes with FREE FOOD AND SUPPLIES. We often PAY ADOPTION FEES for our clients. (We do not allow money to stand in the way of a loving home for an animal in need). We are a support-based rescue at this time, but we are working towards one day soon, having our own shelter.

“Mark’s Animal Rescue” is a support-based rescue and does not have a shelter or an office. Our rescued animals reside in our county shelters and in our foster family homes until they are adopted into a “forever” loving home. We do not run a brick and mortar location at this time.

What Can You Do?

We need your help so very much, we beg each of you to get involved. If you had ever been in a shelter and seen how these poor animals react, you would know they are aware something is not right for them… You can literally see it in their hopeless eyes.

Our volunteers, are asked to support the mission of this organization. Meaning they are here to help facilitate the fostering and or adoption for anyone wanting to use our resources. We must get these little guys off of death row and out of our shelters. Remember 52% of our shelter animals are put to death!

Euthanasia is a very real and present danger for those failing to get adopted. So please help us.

How Is My Donation Utilized?

All monies will go toward the rescue, fostering, adoption and care of these animals. We will hopefully raise enough money to open a NO KILL shelter in the very near future. So we again ask, come join us in our mission of helping animals find a safe and happy home or help us do so, with a donation. Our volunteers will need your help to do the job we have asked them to do. It is the generosity of those who see a cause they believe in and want to assist, which helps to keep us going on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. If you believe that animals have a right to live and be happy in loving homes, then we ask you to help. Your donations and all other income will go directly toward the support of helping animals we encounter.

Is My Donation Tax-deductible?

YES. All monies collected through donations and the sale of goods go toward the care of animals. (This organization takes no money for its Founder and/or volunteers). We are an official 501(c)3 charity. All donations and financial support are fully tax-deductible. Donations given are given for the love of animals and to help end the needless killing of our loving little furry friends.

Who Are The Key Members Of The Organization?

Our Founder
Mark McMorris jr

Our Board Members
Mark McMorris Jr President & CEO
Tony Lo Tempio Treasury
Jayne Devine Secretary