Foster Detail

What does it mean to Foster an Animal with Mark’s Animal Rescue Inc.?

You as the foster parent agree to take in a rescued dog or cat that has been rescued by MAR Inc. until such time as a suitable home can be found for this little soul who is in desperate need.

Foster parents agree that they will provide the love, care and attention needed for this animal, which will ensure that he or she will be the kind of a pet, that a new family can look forward to welcoming into their home, as a new permanent member.

You as the foster parent can expect support from MAR Inc. during your time fostering one of our rescues .This support can come in many forms such as vet visits, help with medical care (as donations allow) safety concerns in the home (as with older foster parents) and helpful guidance from experienced animal rescue professionals. We are always available to answer your questions and help you in whatever way we can.

We the staff and volunteers at MAR Inc. work very hard to make the process of Fostering a rescued animal extremely easy and a joyful experience for both the animal and the new foster parent. Each time that a rescued animal is placed in a foster home, its life is literally being saved from the act of euthanasia. Foster parents provide an invaluable service to each and every life saved and to the future “forever family” who will eventually welcome this small furry friend into their home as a permanent family member.

Being a foster parent is an extremely rewarding experience. The love and affection received from the animal saved, is a precious and valuable heartwarming experience. Sometimes, foster parents end up adopting the animals they foster, because of the love and affection they have received for the care they have given. Other foster parents love the excitement of welcoming a new member to their household and continue fostering new rescues as they view this as an exciting, fun experience in and of itself.