Foster An Animal

Why Should I Foster a dog or a cat?

There are certainly many obvious reasons for the rescued animal to be placed into a Foster home. Some of these reasons include: personal attention, the care and love which he/she will not find in a shelter, a much higher quality of life, not living life in a cage every day, an end to the suffering that living in a shelter inflects on an animal,(both physically and mentally) a chance to experience being socialized into a family setting that may include other pets or children. 

However, the greatest of all reasons is the act of keeping the pet from euthanization!

Most unfortunately, 52% of all animals in a shelter, will be killed in that shelter if the animal is not adopted/ fostered within a period of time. Space available also effects how long an animal may remain alive in a shelter setting. If the shelter is very full, it often will shorten the amount of time an animal may remain alive in that shelter before being euthanized. This is a sad and very unfortunate fact!

Now, some reasons for the foster parent include: An opportunity to help our best friends in a fun and exciting way. To truly make a difference in the life of an innocent helpless creature (often times being the only hope to save that very life) and the greatest reward of all, is to feel the love and affection from a little soul who desperately needs your help.

Why does MAR Inc. need Fostering homes?

MAR Inc. does not have a brick and mortar shelter. We depend on our Foster parents for the care and safety of our rescued pets once they are rescued from a shelter, until a suitable “Forever Home” can be found for them.

As our mission implies, most of our rescues will come from kill shelters. Foster homes provide not just a genuine joyful lifestyle, (life outside of a cage) but moreover that safety net for these little souls to regain a sense of love and caring. Some of these rescues may have medical issues, social behavioral issues or may not have any issues at all. Very often they may just need your love. Foster homes can provide for these needs.

How does one become a Foster parent?

By providing MAR Inc with a foster parent application as seen on our website. With our interactive site you may fill out the application and forward it to our office where it will be reviewed. After review, you can expect a call from one of our volunteers to complete the process and ask any questions that you may have.

Foster Parent Application, Broward Animal Care

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