Headline News March 18th 2018

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March  18th Animal News Headlines 


Nearly 150 animals rescued in Thurston County:  



Calling it one of the worst cases of animal abuse they’ve ever seen, rescuers from Hooved Animal Rescue and Animal Services are now caring for 23 miniature horses and more than 100 other animals found living in horrific conditions in Tenino.


That includes 10 goats, eight dogs, cats, rabbits, pet birds and more than 100 chickens. One dog was found lying dead on the property.


Dead puppies found in kitchen freezer at alleged puppy mill in Texas

DALLAS — The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) seized 72 dogs and puppies from an alleged puppy mill in Canton, Texas. CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reports 12 deceased dogs were found individually wrapped in plastic bags in the kitchen freezer.


SPCA investigators received a complaint of suspected animal cruelty from another animal welfare organization on March 1 regarding an alleged puppy mill. Investigators visited the property that same day, but were not able to make contact with the owner.

On March 13, the investigators returned to the property and witnessed the animals’ conditions. SPCA investigators felt it was in the animals’ best interest to seize them.

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