Our Founder

Founder Dr. Mark McMorris Jr has always had an incredible love for our “4 legged best friends”.

It was due to this passionate interest that Mark started “Mark’s Animal Rescue.”

Mark is professionally retired now and comes from a very diverse, experience filled life, which helps in so many different ways in the running of this rescue.

He comes from a background in which he has always wanted to help people and animals.

Mark served as a Deputy Sheriff in his younger years, he was a board certified
Women’s Health Care Practitioner for 32 years. He is also a retired Military Officer and a registered Investigative Journalist.   It is easy to see from reading this broad resume of service to the community, that Mark has always been focused on the giving of himself to others.

His sole purpose now, is to save our best friends from kill shelters and Mark spends each day working diligently upon this quest.