Our Mission In Detail

Mark’s Animal Rescue Inc operated out of Pompano Beach Florida since 2016.  With the need to grow and help more animals a decision was made to move to the countryside of Louisiana. This important move now gives us enough acreage to help all animals both domestic and farm.

Our animal rescue and sanctuary will be ready to receive animals around March 15th 2019.



Phone No. Text Only (985-244-9002)

We are driven by our hearts and minds to provide safe and loving homes for all of our animals who would otherwise be destined for early euthanasia at our local shelters, killed in slaughter houses, starved, abandoned, and abused. How are we going to accomplish this? The answer is with the support of people just like YOU, animal lovers, who care and want to make the killing and abuse STOP!

It does not matter whether you own an animal.  It is your love for animals and the need to save these precious souls that is the fuel which runs our mission. Support for this program can be through monetary contributions,   and buying from our affiliate partners listed here online. It is our  supporters making monetary contributions, who make the difference in a program that is designed to help all strays, homeless, neglected, abused and sheltered animals waiting to be killed, find a loving “forever home”.

Some will ask, “Don’t we already have enough animal rescues and shelters to care for our abandoned, neglected animals?” The simple sad fact is no, we do not. Have you ever tried to be a good Samaritan by rescuing an animal only to find that our no kill shelters are full and you are turned away. Well unfortunately it happens on a daily basis. The sad truth is we don’t have enough shelters to harbor all the lost souls. It is a never ending battle to save our helpless friends and our farm animals who either die on the streets or in a kill shelter, or in a slaughter house.  We as a society cannot continue the practice of killing beautiful animals because we simply don’t have the time or the space to help.