Our Mission

Statistics country wide, there are millions of healthy animals put down every year. So, why are there so many shelter animals? Failure to spay and neuter, abandonment, the surrendering of pets, animals cast away to the streets as disposable meaningless lives, just to name a few.

It has become very evident that more help is needed to reform our outdated system on how we the public view and treat our animal population. For some the response is “oh well… it is just an animal”. Others are just mean and cruel and contribute to the problem. For those that do care, WE have to give these poor souls a voice that is heard. We have to speak out every day, until those in power realize and take seriously, that our little furry friends need our protection and our support. Many of these poor souls have died needlessly, for lack of any sort of care. Just the simple touch of a human hand can make such a difference to an animal in pain. We ask you now, to open your hearts, minds and hands to our mission of love, mercy and hope.

They need your help. They have NO voice. That’s why WE are here!