Patron Of Life

We are all familiar with the term being a “Patron Of The Arts”. But did you know, that you can also be a “PATRON OF LIFE”? 
Being a supporter of “Marks Animal Rescue” comes in many forms. Some people generously volunteer their time and personal efforts. Others adopt or foster animals in desperate need. And, still others, donate to our cause in order to keep our mission of love and mercy running strong on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
We appreciate every bit of assistance that we receive from you, a concerned, caring and loving public. One of the ways in which you can easily and effortlessly assist us is by becoming a patron of our charity rescue service. 
Please click the below link to be taken to our “official Patron Page” where you can generously make a donation (of any amount) in order to help support the very important work that we do. You have no idea how even five dollars, (the cost of one specialty coffee at Starbucks), can make a tremendous difference and save a life.
Without YOU our kind, generous, and loving supporters, we would never be able to accomplish the IMPORTANT work we do, which makes a difference in the LIVES OF HELPLESS ANIMALS each and every day!