What does it mean to join our group of dedicated animal lovers and volunteer some of your time with “Mark’s Animal Rescue”?

It means LIFE, to helpless animals waiting to be euthanized on “Death Row” in our overburdened, overcapacity shelters. Our shelters are so overcrowded that it effects the amount of time an animal can stay caged in a shelter before being killed, to make more room. We require the assistance of volunteers to help us save these precious little lives from needless euthanization.

What’s in it for you, the volunteer? Why should you get involved?

There are numerous reasons why you should consider becoming a volunteer and helping in our mission to save animals from “Death Row”.

You’re going to be associating with wonderful, kind hearted people who have a very similar mindset to that of your own when it comes to their love of animals and their desire to make a difference. You may be surprised at how quickly you make an entirely new group of friends who share your interests.

It will most definitely improve your mood and give you that “warm and fuzzy feeling inside”. You will know you are making a difference in the world, participating in a really great and generous act and that you are truly effecting living beings in a positive way. (Volunteering has also actually been proven to increase an individual’s level of overall happiness and lower stress levels. So, there is something in it for you, as well as the animals you are helping).

You will develop new and different skill sets (especially for young people, this experience can be highly valuable in all future endeavors). Many skills which a volunteer learns can often be translated to help in their own careers.

Making a difference does not have to be extremely time-consuming. We appreciate any assistance that we receive from our volunteers and even if you are only able to find a couple of hours a week to aid us in our mission, that small amount of time will in fact, make a big difference to animals in need.

Become a part of your community. Volunteering is an excellent way of becoming more involved within your own home community. You will interact with and meet numerous interesting well-meaning people who live in your area. This leads to experiencing a real sense of community and a sense of being a part of something larger than yourself.

You give poor hopeless animals hope once again, and a chance to live real lives.
Being a part of our animal rescue will give you a real sense of understanding as to how many dogs and cats become abandoned or abused. It is very unfortunate and truly a sad situation, however YOU can and will make a difference. You can be instrumental in re-establishing the hope that one day, an animal on “Death Row” will find the perfect “forever family”.

YOU, can make an incredible difference. Just one person with real determination, can overcome any obstacle, and become a majority!